We all go through a phase of wishing we were famous. Some of the most popular movies on the Internet, and some of the most popular movies on the Internet. Yes, you are not sure what to expect.


Take the news that Taylor Swift has been skulking around London in elaborate disguises in order to evade the paparazzi, or that Suri Cruise has had a body double since the age of 2. For most 2-year-olds, Their body double is an imaginary friend. It's the one part of the whole "being famous" package that most people could do without. A complete lack of privacy and occasional threats to your life? No thanks!


There's nothing like a spot of fame to bring out the crazies. And it's not only famous people who have to deal with the added threats. It's a very real struggle that people with a little extra money to spare have to contend with. So what's the solution? For some people, it's a60 poundPackage of fluffy joy. These are your regular family pets. Cross them, and they'll likely rip your arm off.


Companies like Global Support Services have been training protection dogs for years. Personal K9 protection is a fast growing industry, spurred on by the increase in criminal activity. These dogs are trained in something called Schutzhund, a German word meaning Protection dog. It’s technically a sport, and the dogs are graded for their ability to follow commands. The thing that makes these dogs so special is that they can go from attacking an intruder to licking their face in the time it takes to utter one command.


There are other reasons people prefer K9 protection to more traditional body guards. A dog can be trained to detect other threats, including drugs, explosives or guns. They’re also incredible companions, and can be kept as a family pet that also just happens to be a flesh-shredding machine. Some of the most exclusively bred and impeccable trained dogs can sell for upwards of $230,000. Another reason that people prefer dogs to body guards is that they cannot be bribed. If criminals are thinking they can slip a sleeping pill into a steak and evade the dog in this way, they’re in for a rude awakening. These dogs are trained to only accept food from their owner.