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How is Virtual Reality empowering cosmetic surgery patients?

Le 18 septembre 2017, 15:29 dans Humeurs 0



Virtual reality is great for so much more than just immersive gaming. It’s now being used in the medical profession to help patients understand complex surgeries and empower them to make informed decisions. One of the biggest problems cosmetic surgeons face is helping their patients to understand the intended outcome of a surgery. Patients who are hoping to achieve a certain look will often be influenced by images of others and understanding how this relates to them can be difficult to grasp. With virtual reality, a patient’s body can be mapped and they can then step into a virtual dressing room filled with mirrors. They will be able to look at their body from all angles and use this virtual representation to make an informed decision.


Encouraging patients to spend some time looking at these virtual representations also serves another purpose. In the past, patients would be presented with flattened 2D images of the intended outcome. Surgeons have found that this doesn’t inspire conversation or encourage patients to open up as much as a 3D representation. Surgeons are able to get to the root of problems much faster and find that patients are much more vocal about their thoughts when presented with virtual reality images over flattened 2D images.


Another benefit of virtual reality in cosmetic surgery is the possibility of managing expectations. When it comes to procedures such as breast augmentation and breast reduction, Manchester surgeon Gary Ross knows that managing expectations is essential. When looking at a 2D image, it’s difficult to see the change, but a 3D rendering presented in virtual reality is easier to understand. This prevents patients from suffering from post-surgical regret and wishing they had either gone bigger or smaller. Changes to the body will be unique to each person, so it’s difficult to walk into a surgeon's office with a picture of a celebrity and say “like this”.


And finally, a big problem facing the cosmetic surgery industry as a whole is the issue of patients not leaving enough time between consultation and surgery. By encouraging patients to spend some time with the virtual images, it can help them to think rationally about the surgical options. Taking home a flat 2D image can encourage them to fixate and obsess over their new look, whereas virtual reality is a medium that requires presence. It’s a deeply personal experience that cannot be passed around, so patients are encouraged to make the decision alone based on what is best for them.

Three Careers to Think About in Manchester

Le 23 août 2017, 12:07 dans Humeurs 0

If you’re thinking about making a career change in the Manchester area, you’re in the right place! There’s so much going on that you’ll be able to dip your toe in and try out your new career before taking the plunge. There are also endless training opportunities and plenty of support for people looking to change careers. As the cost of living is much lower than in London, you’ll also be taking less of a risk if you decide to change careers. Here are a few careers you might want to think about in Manchester.

Become a Foster Carer

If you’ve always wanted a career helping others, then fostering could be the perfect move for you. Fostering agencies in Manchester are always on the lookout for kind, caring and compassionate people to take on the challenge. If you’re interested in fostering in Manchester, you can get in touch with the local council or a private fostering agency to find out if you could be suitable. Manchester isn’t the only place looking for foster carers. For those interested in fostering, Liverpool is also experiencing a shortage of carers.

How About a Career In Sport?

Manchester has a rich sporting heritage and has many sports teams to choose from. There are often jobs available on all areas of sport, from marketing the teams and providing on-site support during the games and events. Head to the Manchester velodrome if you’re interested in cycling or head out to Old Trafford or the Etihad stadiums for some football action. And if you’re more interested in broadcasting, Media City is the home of BBC Sport.

Could You Be the Next Steve Jobs?


There’s a thriving tech scene in Manchester that is helping people to do everything from learning to write their first line of code, right up to developing and launching their businesses. If you fancy yourself as a bit of an entrepreneur, you’ll find funding and support in Manchester. A lot of people assume that you need to live in silicon valley or even London to launch a successful tech startup, but Manchester is proving them all wrong.

Brexit Could Make the UK an Interesting Prospect for Foreign Real Estate Investors

Le 17 juillet 2017, 12:47 dans Humeurs 0

The United Kingdom recently made a landmark move towards independence from the European Union after voting to leave in the highly controversial Brexit vote. While the ins and outs of the deal might not be everyday news in the USA, there is one aspect that should make Americans pay attention. The value of the pound has been steadily falling, which means that house prices are very competitive for overseas investors. If you’re thinking about expanding your property portfolio, the UK could present an interesting prospect for overseas investors.


Although house prices in busy cities such as Manchester and London are booming, if you look outside of these key areas you will find many other opportunities to buy unique investment property. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly vacation home or an investment property to diversify your retirement income, now could be a great time to snap up property in the UK. Here are three things to consider before buying a property in post-Brexit Britain:

Follow the infrastructure projects:

Some projects may come and go, but large infrastructure projects are likely to go ahead regardless of Brexit changes. Projects like HS2 are still in the works, but anything located near this line is likely to increase in value in the future. Other infrastructure projects include CrossRail and the Euston Express line.

Choose your area wisely:

It can be difficult to get a feel for an area if you haven’t spent much time there. Always plan a research trip where you will have the chance to view properties and get a feel for the local area. This can be combined with a family holiday, especially if you are looking for a vacation property.

Find a proactive estate agent:

A good estate agent will be able to find a property that suits your needs, perhaps before it even reaches the market. In tough economic times, only the best real estate agents will survive because it takes a proactive approach to be able to match people to property. They will also be able to lend their expertise to helping you find a great area.


One final word of warning, in the UK, the process of selling or buying a home is quite different and you will need to instruct a specialist conveyancing solicitor to complete the sale. In the USA, this task is often completed by the real estate agent. In the UK, you don’t have to choose the conveyancing solicitor that your real estate agent suggests and you can shop around for the best deal for you.

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