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Lifestyles of the rich and famous: Inside the world of K9 protection

Le 18 mai 2017, 17:29 dans People 0

We all go through a phase of wishing we were famous. Some of the most popular movies on the Internet, and some of the most popular movies on the Internet. Yes, you are not sure what to expect.


Take the news that Taylor Swift has been skulking around London in elaborate disguises in order to evade the paparazzi, or that Suri Cruise has had a body double since the age of 2. For most 2-year-olds, Their body double is an imaginary friend. It's the one part of the whole "being famous" package that most people could do without. A complete lack of privacy and occasional threats to your life? No thanks!


There's nothing like a spot of fame to bring out the crazies. And it's not only famous people who have to deal with the added threats. It's a very real struggle that people with a little extra money to spare have to contend with. So what's the solution? For some people, it's a60 poundPackage of fluffy joy. These are your regular family pets. Cross them, and they'll likely rip your arm off.


Companies like Global Support Services have been training protection dogs for years. Personal K9 protection is a fast growing industry, spurred on by the increase in criminal activity. These dogs are trained in something called Schutzhund, a German word meaning Protection dog. It’s technically a sport, and the dogs are graded for their ability to follow commands. The thing that makes these dogs so special is that they can go from attacking an intruder to licking their face in the time it takes to utter one command.


There are other reasons people prefer K9 protection to more traditional body guards. A dog can be trained to detect other threats, including drugs, explosives or guns. They’re also incredible companions, and can be kept as a family pet that also just happens to be a flesh-shredding machine. Some of the most exclusively bred and impeccable trained dogs can sell for upwards of $230,000. Another reason that people prefer dogs to body guards is that they cannot be bribed. If criminals are thinking they can slip a sleeping pill into a steak and evade the dog in this way, they’re in for a rude awakening. These dogs are trained to only accept food from their owner.

Living in a Small Apartment with a Pet

Le 12 mai 2017, 13:57 dans Lifestyle 0

Living in a small apartment can be a struggle within itself, maybe you do not have enough space to have all your clothes, and maybe you have to shuffle Into the mix? If you are an animal lover but live in close quarters, here are some tips to keep you happy, to keep your pet happy and to stop your apartment from looking like a tip!

Keep them clean:

There is nothing worse than having a smelly pet, it does not matter how big your apartment or house is, if your pet smells then it's not looking good. Whether you've got a cat, a rabbit, a dog or even a lizard, it's important to make sure that you're keeping your pet clean and that their living quarters are tidy. If your pet has a cage, clean it regularly (at least 3 times a week) to stop your small apartment from smelling like pet and pee! If you've got a dog, then make sure you bathe them regularly (with special pet shampoo). If you are looking for a place to relax, then this is the place for you.

Keep them fed:

Always make sure that you are aware of what your pet should be eating, how much of it should be eating and stick to it. If you have a hungry pet then the chances are that they are going to go for your lovely wooden furniture, or leather sofas. It's been proven that when dogs chew furniture, it's down to malnutrition and boredom, rather than misbehavior and small furry animals because they are bored. So remember to always keep your pets fed and entertained - invest in some chew toys and treats.

Keep them healthy:

Pets need exercise, especially if they are living in a small apartment with little or no space to run around in. If you have a dog, then take them for long walks and get them active. If you’ve got a small furry friend, then create safe areas for them to run around in – you can also buy leads for rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets, and balls for hamsters to run around in. If you’re going to get a pet, then you have to have the time and money to invest into them to make sure they are happy and healthy. It’s also important to take your pets to the vets for regular check-ups, keeping them updated with any vaccinations they may need and making sure that they are happy.

It may be a small apartment, but they provide some of the best companionships and if you are a lover of animals, you will make the changes to ensure the best possible life for your pet. Before you decide to cohabitate with a cute little critter, make sure you have the time, money and a big enough heart to look after them!


Rebecca Harper is an animal lover and a freelance writer and a pet microchips specialist, who spends her time raising awareness for animal health and safety.

Common misconceptions about fostering

Le 17 février 2017, 14:32 dans Humeurs 0

Not many people understand the ins and outs of fostering, and this is likely a result of the dynamic nature of fostering. No two children are the same, so no two foster placements will ever be the same. And just like no two children are the same, parents will also differ in their parenting style. There are so many misconceptions about fostering which means that some people will be put off enquiring for fear of being rejected. Here are the some popular misconceptions about fostering…


You can’t foster if you have your own children at home

This one is the quite damaging, because people who foster when they have their own children at home are doing a wonderful and selfless thing. Having your own children at home means that you can provide a stable and loving environment that will feel comforting to a foster child. Your experience as a parent also makes you the ideal foster carer, and many people fail to take this experience into consideration. The only stipulation will be that your foster placement shouldn’t be older than your oldest child.


It’s wrong to get paid for fostering

Some people feel uneasy about asking about the money because they worry that people will question their motives for becoming a foster parent. The pay is sufficient, but nobody's getting rich from fostering. The fostering allowance is designed to make it possible for a foster carer to provide a child with everything they need to have a normal upbringing, including Christmas and Birthday gifts. If the child was being taken care of in a state-run children’s home, the cost would be far greater.


You can’t foster because...


Many people avoid getting in touch with their local authority or a private fostering agency because they believe their circumstances would make it impossible to be a foster carer. Some worry that they are too young, too old, are unemployed, don’t own their own home or are a same sex couple. The only requirement for becoming a foster carer is that you are young and healthy enough to care for a child, you have a spare bedroom for the child and you are willing and able to learn about how to be a good foster carer.

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